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GERMAN CARS OF SARASOTA is pleased to announce our affiliation with OE Tuning. With one of the most comprehensive offerings on the market, we can now offer Sarasota tuning for most every BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and Mini Cooper we service. Also, most any other European model car in your garage. Even tunes for diesel Sprinter vans and European late model computer controlled motor cycles are available. Performance OE Tunes offers your vehicle increased engine performance, throttle response, and even improved fuel economy. Naturally aspirated engines can normally expect a peak horsepower and torque increase in the 5% plus range. Turbocharged engines are typically “boosted” to a whole new level, where peak gains of as much as 20% or more are common. On many vehicles, the most significant gains are realized in the mid-rpm range, right where you drive the car everyday. You will feel the power! Flashing to maximize the benefit of other engine performance modifications are also available. For complete vehicle coverage and expected gains, please consult the OE Tuning website:

HOW IT WORKS The engine control unit (ECU) in late model vehicles controls all of the engine functions, such as ignition timing, air/fuel ratio, as well as many other sophisticated parameters. In general, vehicles are released from the factory tuned to meet or exceed strict long term emission standards and fuel economy figures rather than exploit the vehicles peak performance levels.

OE Tuning emphasizes the performance tune, and adjusts manufactures tolerances designed for the lowest common denominator of poor fuel quality, as well as unknowledgeable owners who do not properly maintain their vehicles. More aggressive fuel, throttle, ignition strategies and boost maps on turbo charged & supercharged vehicles are used to enhance engine performance. With the use of high quality 91-93 octane gasoline, these revised software programs can achieve real gains in performance.

The tuning procedure varies by vehicle limitations/requirements. Please feel free to call us about your individual needs. 941-955-1972

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